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The FairBridge concept operates upon a simple principle. We believe that a truly symbiotic, meaningful, and steady exchange of benefits between an empowered Membership and its Brand measurably enhances a hotel's performance and market value. This guiding principle is at the core of our approach to branding hotel properties, and the result is an impressive new brand identity with a universal and distinctively positive appeal to business and leisure travelers across the various market segments.

This dynamic brand affiliation has delivered remarkable financial performance in the midst of some of the most difficult times our industry has ever known, and so we would ask you to carefully review the available options to see how joining with the FairBridge brand can help to boost bottom line performance and enhance the value of the limited service assets within a hospitality portfolio.

The extent to which a typical property can save on variable costs while still growing business is astounding in comparison with the costs of affiliation with other attractive brands. To see a specific property comparison, please take the Hotel Challenge and enter some basic property information to receive an instant comparison of costs and savings. This is the major reason why FairBridge is the best choice for many owners that are looking to create growth and profitability in all market conditions.

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